This master class—hosted and coordinated by bikablo—will focus on generative scribing, a visual practice that considers the energetic field surrounding the act of graphic recording. Generative scribes attend to an emerging future, while learning to “let go” of what no longer serves a current state, in order to “let come” an essential, new reality. This workshop will intentionally challenge a prevalent mental model that graphics support groups mainly by reflecting content; participants will stretch to understand themselves as dynamic, interdependent parts of the very systems for which they draw.

The program will orient around structures of time: over-time/chronological, in-time/snapshot, and right-time/intuitive. Within each structure, the group will explore a dominant framework that can inform their practice: Theory U as it relates to drawing over-time, conversational dynamics as it relates to drawing in-time, and containers and presencing as they relate to drawing in-time.


Who should participate? This training is for you, if…

… you have attended a previous Bikablo course, a Visual Practice Workshop, or an equivalent Graphic Recording training.

… you want to broaden your perspective on the possibilities of visualization in the facilitation and consulting business.

… you would like to learn advanced and sophisticated possibilities of Scribing/Graphic Recording and develop your own professional stance as a scribe in a change process.

… you have gained experience with visualization, are familiar with the basic visualization vocabulary, and feel capable of independently applying what you have already learned in the context of this training module. (If you are not sure if your previous experience is right for this course, then send a few examples of your visualization pieces to the bikablo team).


Additional services

Documentation: Following the training, bikablo will provide digital photo documentation with all the input from the trainers and the results of the group.

Neuland discount: Our partner Neuland grantees participants of bikablo training sessions in Germany a discount on products from their entire range (excl. books; cannot be used in combination with other offers or discounts).


Information at a glance

Price: €1,800 (+German VAT), including material costs, food and beverage (lunch and breaks).

Location: Alanus Werkhaus, Johannishof, 53347 Alfter near Bonn (30 minutes from Cologne/Bonn Airport, 90 minutes from Frankfurt Airport). It is possible to room at the on-site guest house.

Trainers: Kelvy Bird will be assisted by a Christina Hemmingsen

Group size: Max. 14 participants

Course times: 1st and 2nd day: 9:00am – 5:00pm, 3rd day 9:00am – 3:00pm
We are planning an informal gathering Monday evening. More information to come once you have registered.

Rights of use: The training concept, methods, and contents are subject to copyright law. You can find terms and conditions here.