MODULES – ONLINE21-26 March 2020

21-26 March 2020

A 6-day marathon of modules, reaching every time zone, functioning across and within regions. This is an opportunity for activation within the field visual practice, to come together in service of species and planetary well-being.We will be experimenting with scale,...
NEW YORK7-10 Feb 2019

7-10 Feb 2019

This workshop will be the second advanced program for those who wish to dive much deeper into Systems Thinking, the diamond model, Visual Presencing, and containers / field dynamics. To date, about 200 people have participated in the primary workshops, and many have...
HAMBURG6-9 May 2018

6-9 May 2018

Post-session bonus: The u.lab Hamburg Hub will host an open community gathering to intersect the presencing and visual practice communities, on May 9 from 6:30-8:30pm at WÄLDERHAUS, Am Inselpark 19, ehemals: Am Containerbahnhof (für Navigationssysteme) 21109 Hamburg,...